Optimism not Optometrism👆❌👀

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Breakfast of champions (Taken with Instagram)

Breakfast of champions (Taken with Instagram)

Idk why but I’m having the worst urge to watch little mermaid right this second

Idk why but I’m having the worst urge to watch little mermaid right this second

Daily Vlogs!

So I realized today that my daily Vlog really don’t have that much of a purpose to the people watching them but to me it’s cool cuz my life is documented so I guess if I get a lot of viewers later it would b kind of cool for them to backtrack and c where I started, I’ll keep doing it until the end of camp probably but after that I’ll probably do like tutorials for make up and make up stuffs in general after that k byyyyye

New Vlogs!

omg new vlogs to watch! look up my channel on youtube.com! mcashm <—-this is the channel name go and waaaatch!


so everything is now up to date yaaaaaay!


Hey guys so of you like Starkid their last tour tickets are up for grabs, who’s goin to the Boston show? Reblog!!!

Due to a massive number of URLs being ‘hoarded’, Tumblr has decided to do a site-wide sweep of any inactive blogs. To ensure your blog will not be deleted, reblog this post to prove it is still active.








“Are you alright, dear?”

“Yes Megara..I’m just worried, I don’t want my tumblr to get taken away!”

I hate you CNN source.

While we’re all here, we may as well converse.

(Source: CNN, via moonshineinhismoccasins)


Yo bros I am back at it! I have a new twitter @BexofGold37 so go follow that now that u know I’m alive again lol and yeah I can b back at it now that it’s almost summer again yaaaay last quarter of school! Kill me cuz I’m back with my ex! Love me cuz I don’t care it’s prob not gonna go well but I can tots go through another go of this, crying is for losers! And takes up way to much of my effing time! Lmao also love me cuz I’m not in love with my boyfriend I’m in love with marvin fletcher and I am soooo sad he’s been doing poorly lately 😥 get better soon little bud ur princess tried to save you, make her blood donning work worth while! Love you leia! ❤❤❤